Life as I know it.

You must have flown away with the other beautiful birds.

Just for the record… My dad and I completed my first half marathon on July 20th — it took us 2hrs (and 31 seconds).

Smallest, wingless.

It should be noted…

At the cemetery I work at, there’s a small, special section tucked beside a family of spruce trees. It is my favorite section. It’s not labelled as anything particular, but it is a grouping of headstones for children that passed away far too soon. There are about 15 bundled together, unlike the rest of the…

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It’s 30 degrees, Thursday.

It’s 30 degrees, Thursday.

I’m learning to drive a motorcycle.
Straight up. That’s what’s up. Whoop, there it is.

I’ve always wanted to get my bike license, but I never really thought it a possibility until later in my life. My dad used to ride, and about 2 weeks ago he decided to spontaneously buy a sweet little used motorcycle. It’s pretty kickass.
I had to…

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How unfair, it’s just our love.

Cemeteries are renowned by many for being eerie, unsettling places. I work at a cemetery, and I find it to be quite the opposite.



Just so you’re aware:

1) I’m training for a half marathon.

2) I’m considering getting another tattoo.

3) I’m about to watch Catching Fire. Again.

4) Someday I will camp under the Icelandic sky with my best friend — my sister.

5) I made pesto last night.

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I’m waiting for you to finally say you are here, and here to stay.

I’m constantly worried about the future. I realize this contradicts my last post, but it’s something I’m working on.

Don’t let fallen leaves speak of solemn trees.

Don’t let fallen leaves speak of solemn trees.

Let’s remember that I work at a cemetery during the summer. Perhaps not the most outwardly charming of jobs, but it has its moments. Being out of town in a quiet, secluded beautiful place has its perks. For example, we’ve noticed a family of horned owls living out there. They’re incredible. I secretly hope that over the summer I can…

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Niall struggling with the Irish flag

The people you’ve been before that you don’t want around anymore.

The people you’ve been before that you don’t want around anymore.

Trust is hard.

But I think it’s something worth learning.

Ah, the texture of this song. Pristine. So haunting.

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